By honoring young engineers and students known for their creativity, leadership, and commitment, we can motivate the next generation of engineers to tackle the major challenges in our society and infrastructure. 

We aim to embrace new, innovative ideas and perspectives that advance the progress of sustainable transportation solutions. We want to elevate inspiring individuals who will play a role in shaping our future.

The prize was previously named Grand Prize for Engineering Student but received its new name in 2024 to capture the essence of the next generation of engineers.


Nominate a candidate for the Grand prize for Engineering in “Rising Star”. This could be an individual or a team that has made significant contributions early in their career or academic life within their field. It might be someone who has inspired others, demonstrated impressive leadership, realized innovative ideas, or shown a strong commitment to sustainability, inclusion, and/or community development.

We are looking for individuals whose actions and achievements provide guidance for future generations. The person or team being nominated should be a student or have recently started their professional career (working no more than 3 years after their studies).

We look forward to your nominations.


Base criteria:


Nominations closed on April 30, 2024

Hall of Fame

2023 – presented by trafikverket

Paula Runsten and Felix Kruse with Rebaba

Motivation by the jury: This year’s winner is passionate about sustainability and aims to contribute to creating change in the energy industry through a simple, functional, and industrialized solution for batteries. With a focus on the lifespan and reuse of lithium-ion batteries, they seek to extend the life of batteries. They do this with both entrepreneurial and long-term sustainable perspectives – inspiring and providing hope for the future.

2022 – Presented by Trafikverket


Motivation by the jury:
Through their innovative solution, energy losses from electricity production can be significantly reduced, which also decreases carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, they have the potential to contribute positively to our biggest challenge of today, the climate crisis. They address a highly relevant societal issue of reducing energy consumption for industries, which can contribute to a more energy-efficient society. 

The technology has a broad range of applications and can be used by a multitude of actors, making the opportunities for scaling up very significant. Overall, we hope that this award can help the company take steps to get their concept out faster and thereby contribute to the sustainable society of the future. The Grand Prize for Engineering in the student category goes to Elvftech


The Jury for 2024 Grand Prize for Engineering in Rising Star consists of the following


Olof Johansson

Program manager Digitization of the transport system, Trafikverket

ZozoHassan_600x600 (1)

Zozo Hassan

Founder and CEO,


Rikard Herlitz

Epidemic Sound


Kristina Bexelius

Head of Communications,
Linti Group

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