We stand up for the equal value of all individuals and a world where everyone can be themselves. To succeed in this, we know that inclusion is a must.

Through the Grand Prize for Engineering in Inclusion, we aim to highlight inspiring individuals who work towards inclusion that promotes equal opportunities and participation for all.

The winner/winners should have improved the conditions for inclusion and preferably also led to a cultural change where inclusion and diversity are an asset.


The winner of the Grand Prize for Engineering in Inclusion can be an individual engineer or a team with a majority of engineering expertise.

The winner serves as a role model and has worked in 2022 to promote greater diversity and inclusion.

The initiative may target individual persons or a smaller group and may, for example, address areas such as:

– Inclusion
– Equality
– Diversity
– Gender equality
– Digital solutions to increase inclusion
– Increased knowledge of the possibilities of inclusion and diversity


Base criteria:


Nominations closed on April 30, 2024

Hall of Fame

2023 – presented by northvolt

Binette Seck, Space Academy

Motivation by the jury:
Inclusion and reduced polarization are becoming increasingly important in society today, at a time when we see disparities growing and social exclusion expanding. This year’s winner has provided youth in exposed areas with access to role models representing diversity, knowledge, and self-esteem.

Through her work, she has helped thousands of young people create a future for themselves by showcasing the opportunities within the engineering and tech industry and assisting them in building networks in a sector that they might not otherwise discover.

2022 – Presented by Northvolt

The team at Unicus through Elin Blom

Motivation by the jury:
Inclusion is the key to a work life where we make use of everyone’s skills and different perspectives. At Northvolt, we believe in the equal value of all people and a world where everyone can be themselves. 

Therefore, we are proud to present this year’s winner – a company whose entire business idea is based on including a group of people who often have difficulty entering the labor market. By harnessing the positive aspects of autism, they make a big difference for both their employees and customers, thereby contributing to cognitive diversity and inclusion.

2021 – presented by axis communication

Zozo Hassan

Motivation by the jury:
The winner has shown great drive, great courage and the ambition to change. By highlighting people who have fallen into the background and working to establish non-normative perspectives, the winner is already making a big difference.

Her potential is enormous and her background as an engineer gives an awareness of how she best contributes to the supply of skills. In a world that screams ‘skills shortage’, we cannot afford to leave any engineer outside the labor market. The winner takes this seriously and has created concrete solutions to ensure that the right engineer goes to the right workplace.


The Jury for 2024 Grand Prize for Engineering in Inclusions consists of the following

Binette Seck

Co-Founder, Changers Tech and Space Academy

Sofia Klingberg

Inclusion and Diversity Manager,

Amir Nazari

Inclusion and Diversity Manager,

Marie Ideström

CEO & Founder,

Nominations are closed!

Thank you for all the amazing nominations!


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