At Vattenfall, we develop solutions and innovations for fossil freedom. Innovations are crucial for the development of society and our future. By awarding the Grand Prize for Engineering in the Innovation category, we want to celebrate new innovations that meet future requirements and enable a sustainable society.



A winning idea has a high level of innovation and presents something new, either a new way of thinking or solving a problem. Complexity is not necessary, the fact is that the best innovations are often simple! We value that the innovation is implementable and scalable, and that it has a positive effect from a socio-economic perspective. We also value that the innovation takes climate challenges into account and strives for freedom from fossil fuels.


Base criteria:


Nominations closed on April 30, 2024

Hall of Fame

2023 – presented by vattenfall

Team EasyMining

Motivation by the jury:
An innovation award can be bestowed based on various criteria, such as the level of innovation, degree of implementation, economic impact, and societal benefits, to name a few. This year’s winner in Innovation has demonstrated that research results can be applied and implemented in reality with a purpose that is highly beneficial to communities worldwide.

Food production currently has a significant environmental footprint, and by circulating nutrients and other vital resources, the winner has shown that this impact can be significantly reduced.

2022 – Presented by Vattenfall


Motivation by the jury:
Innovation is a combination of creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership and subject knowledge. Innovation can be disruptive and change large systems or incremental and refine existing systems. In our time, with major challenges in the climate and environment, innovation is needed even more and is becoming increasingly important. 

The jury has assessed the nominees based on all of this and found a winner who, with the help of diligent systematic work, realized a product that has great potential to enable many people to reduce their climate footprint and use an environmentally friendly and circular product with maintained quality. Antonio Capezza together with the team behind Sanisole wins this year’s award for his work with recyclable and environmentally friendly sanitary products.


Hans-Olof Nilsson

Motivation by the jury:
The winner shows evidence of how an individual can use the entire spectrum of skills within engineering. The desire to create a utopia beyond the centralized energy system has made the winner curiously test new solutions to finally reach a closed energy system completely ‘off the grid’. 

He has proven that, in today’s society, it is possible to be self-sufficient in renewable electricity and generously shares his experiences and knowledge about energy and hydrogen storage to influence both private individuals and decision-makers. He is a true source of inspiration and a true innovator!


The Jury for The 2024 Grand Prize for Engineering in Innovation consists of the following

Linnea Kvist

Communications Manager, Innovationsföretagen

Märtha Rehnberg

Co-Founder & Partner,
Dare Disrupt

Ambra Sannino

Vice President R&D,
Vattenfall AB

Kristina Bexelius

Head of Communications,
Linti Group

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Thank you for all the amazing nominations!


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