Haider Aswad

Innovation Lead, Scania

Haidar will be co-leading a workshop with the title “Accelerate innovation and sustainability with the power of intrapreneurship”

Join this workshop and explore how you can build on your entrepreneurial skills!

In order to drive the shift to a sustainable society innovation is more important than ever. Companies need to rethink how they are doing business today, explore new circular business models and new ways of working. That demands new skills and a new mindset.

By strengthening employees’ entrepreneurial skills and unlocking the power of intrapreneurship within a company, great things will happen! If you are interested in innovation, sustainability and intrapreneurship, this is a workshop for you!

Expected learnings:
– Why should I develop entrepreneurial skills as an engineer?
– How can I do it? – Tips and tricks
– What is the difference between an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur?
– Gain experience on the theme of circular business models for the transport industry

Target group:
Engineers interested in innovation and curious about exploring how you can use intrapreneurship

Hope to see you there!

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